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NDC and its potential impact on business travel

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Posted: 29 May 2019
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If you’re curious about the possible impacts of the travel industry’s New Distribution Capability (NDC), consider the following:

  • NDC has the potential to improve traveller’s experience when they shop and book air travel, making the process similar to current online retail experiences.
  • It offers an alternative path for data and transactions to flow from the airlines to travel agents and their customers.
  • NDC is leading to the replumbing of travel technology — this means that new connections will be built, and new platforms introduced to support and improve communications between airlines and travel managers.
  • It’s gaining traction in the air travel market.
  • For business travel, the future of NDC is promising as it will take the conversation between the airline and the corporate buyer beyond the standard percentage discount on select air routes. But key stakeholders must still work out many critical details. It will be necessary to address issues related to technology and business processes before NDC can be transformative for corporate travel managers.

Want to learn more about NDC and what’s really going on?

This white paper explores the current state of NDC from a business travel perspective and highlights how Egencia is working on delivering value for a future that includes NDC.

Download the white paper: