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VIDEO: Controlling spend with centralised data

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Egmont, a leading Nordic media group, publishes and distributes film and television content to more than 30 countries. With over 6,000 employees in 100 businesses under the Egmont umbrella, centralising travel data to control spend and create a unified booking experience was essential.  

Watch the video to find out how Egencia’s global platform makes business travel successful and straightforward at Egmont.

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Video transcript

“Partnering with a company who matches our goals and culture is very important for a company such as Egmont. We are a foundation and we own over a hundred companies, this means that for us it’s very important that the companies we cooperate [with] can actually move as fast as we do.

The challenge that we had before actually partnering with Egencia was that a lot of people were booking and managing hotel reservations outside of the platform. By partnering with Egencia we actually made a cooperation which makes our data stronger and also knowing and gathering all peoples’ information about where they’re travelling. Almost no one is booking outside of policy and if they do, they have a really good reason for it.

I think the difficulties when it comes to operating a multi-company and multi-country company is that they have a lot of, in the countries, they, of course, have a lot of different laws and also have different cultures but also different expectations.

For us, it’s really important that we have the data somewhere central in the company and then we decentralise it out to all the employees, so when I call one of the travel managers it's very important for me that they know everything about their company and also all of their travellers' travel patterns.

Once a year, or twice a year I look up how has the spend been the last year or six months, and then I look into: Is there, or are there any vendors or potential hotels that we have a high spend on, but we don’t really have any deals with or contracts with.

The whole thing about that you enter and see the same platform and the same layout is really important to have…employees who are shifting between the different companies so for us as a company we can be much more flexible and that is something which is really important for all of our existing partners and also all the products we're using in the company." 

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