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Business travel checklist—policy & procedures for HR teams

HR policy & procedure checklist for employee business travel

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Posted: 26 August 2021
HR Team Discussing Duty of Care with an Employee

This checklist was originally written in 2021 and was updated on September 6th, 2022 to reflect the current travel landscape.

HR’s checklist for prioritising people in business travel

As a human resource (HR) professional, you’re acutely aware of the importance of maintaining strong employee relations in the new post-COVID workplace. Corporate culture across all industries has a renewed focus on employee wellness, which extends to corporate travel programmes.

In the past, business travel responsibilities traditionally fell squarely on the shoulders of the travel manager, with oversight from finance or procurement. Now, with a heightened focus on traveller well-being and risk management, the focus has become more about people.

And that means you’re now a stakeholder.

In a recent Egencia survey of 130 travel managers and others responsible for managed travel, 42 per cent said human resources are now involved in defining new requirements for travellers. Many human resource leaders are taking steps to ensure their employees are satisfied with their business travel experiences to influence employee retention.

Download this business travel checklist and guide to learn more about:

  • Evolving concerns in business travel and how HR professionals are playing a larger part in creating a great experience
  • What travellers need so they can book quickly and within policy
  • Travel tips to keep your employees empowered, informed and supported on the road
  • Resources available to help you support travellers throughout the entire business trip

As companies strengthen their business travel programmes, traveller safety and well-being are emerging as top priorities. Business leaders are relying on HR leaders to identify potential risks and consider employee needs so they can feel confident about their next work trip.

HR’s role in the year ahead

Human resource professionals are increasingly responsible for workplace safety and security matters, including policy development. Employees should only have to worry about their business meetings and not be stressed about any last-minute travel emergencies. Any concerns with visas, travel documents, vaccinations and corporate credit cards should be handled in a robust travel policy that is built into your corporate booking tool.

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