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Corporate Travel Risk Management Solutions: Traveller Tracker

A proactive approach to risk management: Traveller Tracker

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Posted: 12 November 2020
Corporate Travel Manager Uses Travel Risk Management Solutions

Natural disasters. Civil unrest. Global threats and pandemics. The world can be an unpredictable place to do business. That’s why Egencia advocates for travel risk management programmes and policies. Robust plans put corporate travel managers and their organisations in a position to take action, whether it’s a relatively small hiccup like a thunderstorm that delays a flight or an emergency.

Traveller Tracker is an Egencia tool that drives action.

Traveller Tracker is part of the Egencia solution. It’s accessible in the booking portal and the mobile app. It’s a fast way to know where your business travellers are and to contact them quickly if they are potentially affected by an event in or outside of the country.

Crises can happen anywhere — and everywhere

Some emergencies are localised. One example might be a passionate labour strike in a large city that spills over into civil unrest. Traveller Tracker can quickly tell you, based on booking data, how many people you have in that area and where they’re staying. The travel manager can contact them directly via email or send push notifications with risk alerts to their mobile app to help their travellers navigate the situation — including cutting a trip short and arranging travel home.

Some emergencies might begin at a single location, but cascading effects spread. Natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions or hurricanes can scramble air traffic across entire continents. Traveller Tracker empowers the travel manager to search based on airlines, booking codes and individual travellers to find those potentially affected by airline disruption and get them home as quickly as possible.

While rare, global emergencies can happen, as the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated. These situations are systemic and dynamic, with many moving parts. Acting quickly to protect travellers’ well-being is crucial. Traveller Tracker can give travel managers the view they need of the situation and location, whether it’s a global level or regional level, or down to an individual city. All of the Egencia booking tools can be applied to help your people navigate their way through the chaos.

Traveller Tracker’s search functionality operates in near real time. It can also be used to review travel in the past 30 days or trips that are booked for the next 30 days that have not yet been taken. This prospective functionality enables the travel manager to take a reactive or proactive approach to travel risk management. With disruption management at your fingertips, you can reduce or even eliminate some risk as global events develop. Travel managers have the same capability, whether they’re at their desk checking the Egencia portal or dining at a restaurant and using the mobile app.

Empowering travellers in real time 

Traveller Tracker also goes with your travellers via our mobile app. Travel managers can send a message at the first sign of an issue and travellers can use AssistMe in their app to contact a travel consultant after receiving an alert and get a call back, usually within minutes. 

Between June 2018 and July 2019, Egencia teams responded to 9.5 million contacts from travellers around the world. Egencia personnel constantly monitor global travel and are ready to mobilise when emergencies happen, extending the resources available to our customers’ organisations as they seek to keep travellers safe on their return home.

Educating employees about Traveller Tracker and other travel risk management services that are available is a way to build traveller trust. It’s one component of the overall duty-of-care obligations travel managers and organisations have. Part of this education effort should involve consolidating bookings on the Egencia solution. Only travel booked via Egencia shows up in Traveller Tracker. Itineraries booked via other means won’t be visible. Travel managers won’t be able to find travellers or send emergency messaging to them. Traveller Tracker becomes another way for travel managers to ensure compliant booking practices.

Business travel is a key strategic lever in moving the global economy forward. Traveller Tracker is a key tool for mitigating risk and complements a travel risk management programme that includes robust travel policies, travel insurance and more.

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