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When to Rent a Car for Business Travel

When to rent a car for business travel

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Posted: 12 July 2019Updated: 19 March 2024
Road Bridge Over River in Autumn

Picture this. You have a business trip coming up in a few weeks, and you're going to tie in some meetings while you're there. You’ve booked your flights and accommodation, and now, it's time to organise transport for when you land. Will you jump in a taxi to the hotel? Take the underground to reach your four back-to-back meetings, and jump back in a taxi to attend the dinner that’s been planned? Or does it make more sense to organise a vehicle rental?

Whether making multiple stops or attending far-flung meetings, there are plenty of situations where business vehicle rental is the best option.

Travel management & rental vehicles

Luckily, vehicle rental companies and rental locations are easy to find when travelling with national and international providers.

Making sure your business travel vehicle rental programme is part of your travel policy, is essential to maintaining a comprehensive travel strategy. Not only does it remove the hassle of car sharing with local co-workers, but booking via a travel management company’s (TMC’s) mobile app or portal, can unlock the right vehicle with the best vehicle rental rates – all while streamlining expenses and reimbursements to a personal or corporate credit card.

A TMC may allow you to use your loyalty programme, so every pound you spend on your business rental, translates into status and points for vehicle renters.

Check out the infographic below before your next business trip, to determine if a road trip is the right mode of transport. And that picking up and dropping off a rental vehicle is as easy as can be.

When to Rent a Car for Business Travel Graphic
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