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The Importance Of Travel Risk Assessment

Travel Manager Performs Travel Risk Assessment
Travel Manager Performs Travel Risk Assessment

Travel risk assessment

A robust risk assessment helps to create policies and procedures that protect business travellers — and your organisation.

Protect your most important assets

There’s nothing more valuable to your business than your employees. Knowing what potential travel and security risks your travellers face will help you protect both them and your business.

The first step is to ensure that you have a strong duty-of-care policy in place to shield your people from travel-related risks, including natural disasters, infectious diseases and civil unrest. Having safeguards in place is critical, from the moment your travellers book a trip, while they’re travelling and until they return home.

The definitive guide to traveller well-being

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Redesign your travel programme to meet your unique needs

Corporate travel is changing — your travel programme also needs to change. Use our guide to help you set goals and revise your travel policy to stay in step with the shifting business travel landscape.

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Travel risk management is good business

Protecting your employees is only one component of your duty-of-care obligations. The other is to protect your business.

Every organisation is different and that’s why it’s critical to understand how to keep your business secure. Examining your company’s corporate travel patterns, how you manage and communicate travel warnings with your employees and what kind of duty-of-care policies your suppliers have in place is one part of conducting a travel risk assessment. Another aspect is to review any additional measures you may need to take, like purchasing travel insurance or providing in-house training to help your travellers maintain their health when they’re travelling.

Why you should do a travel risk assessment

Travel alert and advisories

As part of your duty-of-care responsibilities, it’s important to know what’s happening and where your travellers are — at any time, all the time.

To help you do this, we’ve added built-in travel warnings and high-risk travel alerts to our booking tool that apply to a traveller’s origin and destination. This ensures that you and your travellers can make the best decisions and modify any travel plans accordingly. And there’s the Egencia Traveller Tracker, which allows you to locate travellers anywhere in the world in the case of an emergency.

Watch the Traveller Tracker video

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